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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. We investigated factors that might moderate the association between sexual behavior desires and sexual behavior enactments in gay men. Condom eschewal, of STIs, HIV serostatus, age, and relationship status were each hypothesized to moderate this association. An Internet survey collected data from self-identifying gay men. indicated that sexual behavior desires and enactments were highly correlated, and of the five moderators tested, four varied this association.

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Condom eschewers had a stronger association between desires and enactments than condom users. HIV serostatus did not exclusively moderate the association. Finally, gay men in monogamous relationships were least likely to have their desires associated with enactments. Age was not found to be a ificant moderator. Overall, we concluded the moderators representing sexual health and sexual health behaviors were most influential over the enactment of sexual behavior desires.

Gay men are diverse with respect to the sexual behaviors they both desire and enact Sanderson, Moreover, gay men differ from other groups in their sexual behavior. Considering that gay men differ from other groups with regard to many sexual activities, one might also expect gay men to be more likely to enact their sexual behavioral desires. Aside from studies on gay male paraphilic behaviors e.

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Little is understood about gay men's sexual inhibition or disinhibition of behaviors when faced with problems such as sexually transmitted infections STIsthe human immunodeficiency virus HIVand sustaining safer sex practices.

Thus, we explored possible moderators of the relationship between sexual behavior desires and enactments among gay men.

Specifically, we focused on the impact of five potential moderators identified in research with gay men: condom eschewal, STIs, HIV, age, and relationship status. Before the introduction of HIV into the gay community in the s, condom use was extremely low—sharply increasing only after the connection between HIV infection and anal intercourse was conclusively shown Catania et al. In this subculture of gay men, condoms are actively eschewed.

It becomes difficult to assess if being HIV-positive allows for the greater enactment of sexual behavior desires; or, alternatively, if being HIV-positive is merely incidental, and it is the factors that contribute to becoming HIV-positive e. Age has ificant social and sexual meaning for gay men Berger, Gay men highly value physical attractiveness, and thus younger, fitter, and more attractive individuals become prime choices for sexual selection Berger, ; Grube, In short, availability exists for young men to have more sex than older men.

Research is vague concerning the other sexual behaviors younger versus older men enact. Yet, if a differentiation has been noted between the groups with respect to cautiousness regarding sexual intercourse, it is plausible that younger and older gay men differ with respect to sexual behavior desires and their potential enactments. The sexual variety, prevention of possessiveness, and the promotion of freedom and egalitarianism all overwhelm Craigslist Petersburg sex gay need for exclusivity in many gay male couples Shernoff, ; Yip, With respect to our current research, if the tendency to open a relationship stems from sexual desire for other partners, then, it may be likely that the association between sexual behavior desires and enactments varies between single, monogamously partnered and non-monogamously partnered gay men.

We posit that gay men who eschew condoms will have a stronger association between their sexual behavior desires and enactments.

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That is, men who actively increase the sensation of their sexual experience by condom eschewal may be oriented towards fulfilling more of their desires in general; they are pleasure seekers. If, as research suggests, they also tend towards having more partners, then pleasure seeking may be compounded by available and willing partners who will engage in the desired behaviors.

We posit that gay men who have been diagnosed with more STIs over the past year excluding HIV will have a weaker association between sexual behavior desires and enactments than men who have been diagnosed with fewer STIs.

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Despite the barebacking trend described in the section associated with increased HIV infection, gay men may become more sexually cautious as the of infections increases. Such men may report decreased behavioral enactments as a corollary.

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It may be likely that removing the possibility of seroconverting from the enactment of sexual behaviors encourages enactment within already HIV-positive men. Conversely, HIV-negative men may be reluctant to act on certain sexual behaviors that may endanger them for HIV transmission.

We posit that younger gay men will Craigslist Petersburg sex gay a stronger association between sexual behavior desires and enactments than older gay men. With a higher availability of sexual partners, young men may have more opportunities to enact sexual behaviors. Older gay men, as Berger suggests, may have to settle for whomever they can attract, regardless of whether the partner is willing to partake in the enactment of a particular desire. With regard to relationship status, we posit that single gay men will have the strongest association between sexual behavior desires and enactments, followed by partnered men in non-monogamous relationships, and then partnered men in monogamous relationships.

Single men have the active option to pursue anyone willing to satisfy their desires. Yet, research suggests partners tenaciously maintain codes of conduct during their encounters with third parties Kippax et al. So though partner availability may exist, the non-monogamous partner may not be able to enact some of his desires due to these constraints. Finally, men in monogamous relationships may find that some desires are unfulfilled due to their partner not wanting to enact the behavior. Participants were solicited to fill out an Internet-based survey.

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Advertisements with links to the survey were strategically placed around the web. Notices were put on a gay blog e. Lauderdale, Palm Springs, Toronto, and Vancouver. A classified ad was also placed in the weekly publication, Gay Chicago Magazine. Finally, free advertisements were placed on two gay listservs for graduate schools, University of Illinois, Chicago, and University of Michigan. The sample consisted of self-identified gay men who completed the questionnaire. As shown in Table 1the sample was largely white and tended to live in urban areas. About half the men were single, about a third were in a monogamous relationship, and about a fifth were in a non-monogamous relationship.

Though the distributions of some of the demographic variables were unequal, and in some cases skewed, the variables were not ificantly related to either the independent or dependent variables. With regard to the moderators, income was correlated with age. This variable was controlled for when testing age as a moderator.

Assessed behaviors included: oral intercourse, anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse, anilingus, fisting, urination, defecation, erotic asphyxiation, domination, submission, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and sexual assault.

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When applicable, both receptive and insertive forms of the behavior were assessed. Thus, we created the sexual behavior desires and the sexual behavior enactments scales.

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Participants were asked the percent of time they used condoms during receptive and insertive anal intercourse as individual measures. The of reported STIs was summed for each participant. Individuals self reported either being seronegative, seropositive, or sero-unknown. Individuals could report being single, in a monogamous relationship, or in a non-monogamous or open relationship.


The data were analyzed using multivariate analysis of variance MANOVAbivariate correlations, and moderated and multiple regression. SPSS JMP 5.

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Missing data were not found to be a ificant problem. However, since the participants had the option to skip questions that did not pertain to them, the sample size varied across some of the analyses. For example, participants could skip questions on condom eschewal during anal intercourse if they had not participated in either the receptive or insertive versions of that behavior.

Where the moderators or independent variable were inter-correlated, we controlled for those variables.

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Variables were all entered on different steps of the regression, with controlled variables entered before the independent variable and moderator variable. The interaction term was always entered last. When an interaction term proved to be ificant, we deconstructed the relationship between behavior desires and enact ments to measure the strength of this association at the different intervals of the moderator.

For HIV and relationships status, each was broken down into its nominal variations e. Thus, to interpret the interaction of continuous moderators, the relationship between behavior desire and enactment was shifted up and down by one SD rather than dichotomizing the variable.

That is, all the data were transformed into high and low variations by adding or subtracting one SD to each participant's response.

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As a result of this transformation, we could calculate the strength of the relationship at different intervals on the continuous variable without losing power or excluding cases. The following will report on whether this association was moderated by condom eschewal, STIs, HIV, age, and relationship status. HIV serostatus and age were related such that an HIV-positive serostatus was associated with increased age.

Note : For condom eschewal, a positive association ifies propensities towards low or no condom use. To test the hypothesis that gay men who eschewed condoms would have a stronger association between sexual behavior desires and enactments than men who more readily used them, a model was created using sexual behavior desire, condom eschewal, and the interaction term of sexual behavior desire multiplied by condom eschewal. The model controlled for HIV serostatus and age.

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To interpret the interaction, we broke it into those who often used condoms shifting the mean to one SD above, or As Fig. The first hypothesis was thus confirmed by this ordinal interaction. Desires and enactments were ificantly correlated for both groups, but stronger for condom eschewers.

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Low and high sexual behavior desires predicting sexual behavior enactments by condom eschewers and users. Note, the x-axis represents generalized low one SD below and high behavior desires one SD above the meanand the y-axis represents the actual count of behaviors. They are not codes for the behaviors themselves. Condom eschewers are those who fall one SD below the mean, and condom users are those who fall one SD above the mean. If it were true that HIV serostatus moderated the relationship between desires and enactments, then the interaction should contribute ificant variance independent of all the other variables—including the interaction term comprised of STIs and desires.

Controlling for age, condom eschewal, and relationship status, we created a model that included of STIs, HIV serostatus, sexual behavior desires, the interaction term of of STIs multiplied by desires, and the interaction term of HIV serostatus multiplied by desires.

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