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The new twist is making it more difficult for undercover officers to combat, said a Tucson police vice sergeant. Soliciting customers online also helps shield prostitutes from police.

Singles in Arizona, USA

Officers working Internet cases often have to rent hotel rooms, pass background checks and give out credit-card s before a prostitution suspect will agree to a meeting, said Sgt. Jim Stoutmeyer of the Tucson police vice unit. After receiving a tip from an out-of-state police agency in October that prostitutes in Tucson were using craigslist to find clients, Tucson police began to investigate, Stoutmeyer said. Several months and several sting operations later, about 20 people have been arrested as a result of online.

The vice unit now scours Web sites looking to build cases.

Arizona Sluts

While Stoutmeyer would not discuss exactly what officers are looking for, he said the are not hard to miss. The Web site craigslist.

Almost anything can be found on the site, including jobs, housing, goods, services, activities and advice. Meetings can be set up at locations chosen by the person offering the service or somewhere chosen by the customer.

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Several women from out of town posted stating they were going to be in Tucson on certain dates and that interested parties could make appointments. There have been a of publicized cases nationwide of arrests of people using craigslist for prostitution.

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In Phoenix, a year-old Mesa woman was arrested after a hotel manager who had been looking at craigslist recognized her photo as a hotel guest, police said. Simply offering to engage in sexual conduct with a person for a fee meets the definition of prostitution, said Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall.

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Many prostitution suspects will not accept phone calls from blocked s or they may ask for a credit-card in advance. Some conduct background checks, he said. It is becoming more common in these situations for the prostitute to bring along a bodyguard, who will check out the customer.


Once the base payment is collected, the prostitute will discuss her services and prices, and once the deal is made, the arrest is made — the charge is a misdemeanor, Stoutmeyer said. On Jan. The man then met with a female undercover officer posing as a prostitute, according to a police report. After the agreement was made and the officer was given money, the man was arrested and booked into jail on one count of prostitution.

That night, two females who were looking for clients on the Web site were arrested in separate incidents, Stoutmeyer said. According to the craigslist Web site, content is not screened before it is posted; however, the terms of use posted on the site states that users must agree not to post anything that is unlawful, advertises illegal service or is pornographic.

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The category, according to a craigslist spokeswoman, was created for legal escort services and sensual massage providers. A challenge in fighting cybercrime is the fact that it is relatively new to law enforcement and much training is needed, he said.

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Once officers find a target, they arrange for a meeting, Stoutmeyer said. Comments comments. ZIP: 85208 85209 85201 85202 85203 85204 85205 85206 85207 85215 85213 85212 85210 85211 85214 85216 85274 85275 85277

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